Carpet underlay

Choosing Carpet Underlay

Choosing a carpet for a new room or a new home is an exciting time as you think about the colours, patterns and feel of the carpet but how much time do you spend thinking about the underlay? Well if you are like most people the answer is probably not very much! Why could something that is hidden beneath the carpet be important? Won't the cheapest underlay be good enough? When you know a little more about it, you'll see why it's important to know about underlay when you are thinking about and choosing your new carpet. 

Underlay is needed for a couple of really good reasons: 

• Underlay provides a cushioning effect when you walk on it. 
• Carpet underlay provides better noise insulation than carpet alone. 
• Underlay provides insulation against cold, bare floors in winter. 
• Carpet underlay saves you money as it extends the life of your carpet because you are not grinding your beautiful new carpet into the bare floor.

Tips when choosing underlay

1. Remember that underlays wear out at the same rate as carpets. If yu are replacing a carpet check the condition of the underlay as it is not economical to place a nice new expensive carpet on old underlay as it will wear out faster and quicker. 
2. Choose the best underlay for your needs and don't make price your first consideration when purchasing an underlay. For example, some of the more expensive rubber waffle underlays provide excellent noise insulation, a property that is well worth paying more for in upstairs bedrooms 
3. If possible, try an underlay before you buy it. Depending on your choice of carpet, one underlay may feel better underfoot than another. 
4. Yes you can lay underlay yourself, if you are laying an inexpensive carpet in an unimportant room, this is the place to try your DIY carpet skills, for everywhere else professionals will do a better job. 
5. If you are considering an underfloor heating system, please call us before you choose an underlay. Some underlays are designed specifically for this application.

Please contact us if you have any carpet or underlay related questions